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Izaya Orihara | Durarara!! #drrr

I dunno why I love this but I do.I feel all weird and tingly all over O.o -- Izaya Orihara

7w7r Izaya

7w7r Izaya

Aldnoah.Zero Slaine Troyard

Zero Slaine Troyard collected by Maav and make your own Anime album.

# 신의 탑 (밤쿤, 올레쿤) # 파이널 판타지 14 ※ 방통위 심의기준으로 약간의 수위성 이미지가 있습니다. 열람 시 주의. 어린이날 3연작 신의 탑 전력 60분 주제: 나들이 400팔로 기념 RT이벤트 리퀘스트: 성장버전 쿤 란 ※ 사진자료 트레이싱 신의 탑 전력 60분 주제: 축제


Could fit everyone but Jamie, but more inclined to: Sabastian in front of his master Danel or his uncle in front of their respective fathers

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✮ ANIME ART ✮ I like how his shirt looks like newspaper :) i like thar effect that the artist put in there :)

Little Red Cap/Rotkäppchen【Grimm-gai no Ouji-sama】

Little Red Cap/Rotkäppchen【Grimm-gai no Ouji-sama】 kyahhh suka bgttttt sama anime yg satu ini.

"Ready to start a rebellion, kid?" The world has been under a dictatorship like ruling. All forms of creativity have been banned, and anyone caught will be executed. Our job is to ignite the revolution in the mass of the country, starting with our squadron of rebels. -Tsun

So, I may or may not have made an inhuman noise when I saw him. He's the perfect Axiom! Axiom Dean <<< idk who this boy is butnI love him