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1001 utilidades para o vinagre branco.

Daily Shower Cleaner 1 cup of White Vinegar 2 cups of Water 2 teaspoons of Dawn dish soap Mix together and spray down shower (Watch how clean it stays it is AMAZING) Hard to find the cost exactly but I come up with $.11 and the bottle lasted me about 7 weeks

Muitas mulheres como homens também, ficam estressados com pisos e rejuntes encardidos. Entrar em casa e dar de cara com um piso amarelado não é muito legal. Para proporcionar uma limpeza adequada você deverá preparar uma mistura. Então vamos… Continue Reading →

produtos de limpeza caseiros

Keep this in mind if you start seeing lots of spiders around your place. Natural spider killer or preventer… take one cup of vingar, one cup of pepper, a teaspoon of oil and liquid soap. Put it into a spray bottle and spray along the outside of your outside door and along windows | best stuff

Para hacer limpiador de vidrios casero: en una botella con spray mezclar: 1 taza de alcohol, 1 taza de agua y 1 cucharada sopera de vinagre

This is one of my new favorite sprays!! It's good for cleaning mattresses, even freshening up curtains! It's hard to clean those things right? Well now it won't be! 15 drops each of Onguard, and Purify, in a 2oz spray bottle filled up the rest of the way with distilled water, shake and spray away! #doterra #doterralove #essentials #essentialoils #oils #amazing #fresh #clean #allnatural #natural

Homemade carpet powder, if you add a cup of borax to this mixture it will kill any bugs that may be in your carpet! (fleas, etc!)Another said:I use nutmeg or clove ground with baking soda, and everyone can't find why my house smells so inviting and homey.