Ben and Claudia first meet as characters Cameron Mitchell and Vala Mal Doran

So... no increase then?  One of my top three favorite episodes!

no increase then? One of my top three favorite episodes!

slightly heartbreaking.. :( Such a great show.. (Stargate SG1 Season 10 episode THE QUEST part 2)

Stargate This was an important scene for them both. Cam is basically letting Vala know EXACTLY what she put them all through while also showing Cam how much she cares for Daniel.

This is from Stargate SG-1, S09-E13 "Ripple Effect". Sam looks so smug! LOL Immediately before Cameron say's "Did she just say  "we"?" Sam said "As we discussed the situation we realized we could pinpoint the source of the phenomenon to a precise window. Specifically the interim journey between the two gates." :D

This is from Stargate "Ripple Effect". Love how Cam just throws out the "Yeah Sam you're the smartest person on this base." comments and Sam just acknowledges and continues talking.

Stargate SG1 - Samantha Carter . She is such a cool character and the way Tapping plays her is lovely.

She is such a cool character and the way Tapping plays her is lovely.

His Calvins. Love this scene.

His Calvins.

One of the best non-romantic ships.   "You have an effect on people, Daniel. The way you look at things, it changed me too. I see what really matters. I don't know why we wait to tell people how we really feel. I guess I hoped that you always knew." S05E21 Meridian

Sam and Daniel - Stargate. I adore super-geeky Sam and Daniel in the bottom right photo! This is why i love stargate

Vala trying to pitch movie ideas

Vala trying to pitch movie ideas

Stargate Atlantis-John and Rodney

Stargate Atlantis-Dr McKay and Major/Col Shepherd

O'Neill's response when a local accuses Teal'c of being a Jaffa . . . Love Carter's reaction!  So cute.

Yay meta humor in Stargate

Haha! Jack! Lol....and Daniel always peering over her shoulder. Like Hey! A new language. I like languages...

Sam speaks science, Jack does not.

That half smile

"Stargate" And so it begins.

I love the look Daniel gets on his face when he sees her.. Priceless!!!! |  Stargate SG-1 Daniel Jackson and vala maldaran

Stargate Daniel Jackson and Vala Maldoran. Vala was NOT one of my favourite characters. In fact, I think she ruined the show for a lot of people which is why it was finally shut down just 2 years after she showed up.

There's a lot of looking at each other in this show. Mostly blaming looks...and that's mostly at Jack or Jack at Daniel.

Kind of funny statement considering most of the movie Sam, Mitchell and…

Daniel doesn't always feel the need to be polite. <--- you mean ever lol

I always loved sassy Daniel

Stargate SG-1 gotta love Vala

Stargate gotta love Vala and good grief Daniel lose the beard