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#Honeysuckles Smell Nice

A Yellowstone Grey Wolf Sniffs A Mound Of Wild Clover (By paulgillphoto). Always take time to smell the flowers*

 Spirit Wolf!

Wolf: hello i am snow your spirit guardian sent to guid you. your very kind snow we will be good friends.

photos The Wolf

This image contains two things I love: winter and a wolf. Wolves are important dream symbols and interesting, smart predators.

Animal relationships. Wild nature. Compassion. Wolf and fox.

Nayeli the wolfdog and Freya the fox are two rescue animals living at a wildlife sanctuary with their human mom and dad. Nayeli was rescued from a wolfdog back yard breeder who put his animals in danger constantly . Freya was rescued from a fur farm.

Snuggling to try to keep warm!

I want to take him and let him snuggle in my bed instead of the snow. Cold little wolf

Whiskey, Iron, and Things

Gray Wolf (Canus lupus), Captive, Montana - ☀by Samuel Maglione*.Now that savage attacks that have begun since the wolf has lost federal protections, these will be some of the last photos of these wonderful creatures.

The wolf

Beautiful photo wild animals I'm a sucker for wild animals and their babies. Look at this beautiful shot, Im pretty sure i have a picture wh.


Beautiful white wolf in the snow. It looks like Ghost from Game of Thrones. Just a beautiful creatur.