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Airbender OC by Vela-S.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Commission for - her Avatar OC Aisha's character sheet! She gave me the descriptions and I came with the designs Quite a tough work, but nonetheless enjoyable! Thank you again for commissioning me!

Jinora. 16 years old.

Jinora Sweet 16 by ZuTarart on deviantART


This is her OC Minaura as you see shes an female airbender i hope you like it Minaura (c) ~Miilru ATLA OC - Minaura

Khepri and Suna by verauko.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Khepri and Suna are LoK OC's created by me and my friend ~miss-dronio. More of Khepri:. Khepri and Suna

l-a-l-o-u:  Jinora’s going to be the tallest because of reasons

Legend of Korra - Kai x Jinora - Kainora

avatar the last airbender oc | Avatar OC : Oki by Ykari-chan

DeviantArt: More Like Avatar OC reference sheet by suzannedcapleton

avatar the last airbender oc | ATLA OC - Aang li by airgirl39

A proper ref sheet for Fei and Tamsin I totally stole *Nekoshiba's ref-sheet setup, so please go look at hers if you haven't already It's a goddamn masterpiece! hopefully you won't kill me for this.

avatar outfit drawings. I fell in love with her design She looks so beautiful elegant graceful and full of life i love her everything. I really wish they would've used this design!

Early design for Korra

sketch_commission___arjuna_vidyas_by_zefiar-d86l0ay.png 1.000×820 piksel

Sketch Commission - Arjuna Vidyas by zefiar

June Iparis as a fire bender (avatar and legend crossover) itsipariwing Super Hero shirts, Gadgets

Are we gonna talk about those alternate airbender outfits??

Jinora in the alternate airbending outfit

Suki | Avatar The Last Aribender

avatar the last airbender artwork genzoman suki

Ty Lee Cosplay - Avatar: The Last Airbender                                                                                                                                                      More

Tye Lee Cosplay - Avatar: The Legend of Aang<<<Yay a cosplay of my fave character! I wish I could cosplay Ty Lee :)

Cosplay done right

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Cosplay - Holy crap. That's so awesome! Asami Sato, Avatar: The Legend of Korra. @Skye James James James James James James Ciaccio

Just finished Legend of Korra yesterday and I'm super obsessed. This Asami cosplay is legitimate! Asami Sato, Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

really awesome Toph cosplay.

This is an awesome Toph cosplay from the original Avatar tv series!