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Great fonts for logos

Vintage type catalog for Keuffel & Esser Co.

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More Photobacks, dating back to the late

Carte de visite backmark imprint

A curated collection of vintage graphic design

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As fashions go, it is possible that Victorian typography is about the most out-of-fashion design style one can imagine.

from Smashing magazine...uncredited

Beautiful Handwriting Styles, Lettering and Calligraphy

So much talent in the vintage typos!

Show Cards - Luuuv these colors together, luuuv this design, luuuv this font.

Designspiration — 50 Great Examples Of Vintage Typography

Delicious typography

A little dash of Art Nouveau

Union Special Sewing Machine Co.

Union Special Sewing Machine Co.

:: Home in the Howling Wilderness: Settlers and the Environment in Southern New Zealand, cover design by Kalee Jackson ::

Home in the Howling Wilderness - Kalee Jackson - Typography

Victorian Typography Letters Etiquette Caligraphy Penmanship Art Hand Writing US | eBay

Hill's Manual of Social Business Forms

Discovered in the Wilds. #typehunter #vintagelabel #typeresearch

Discovered in the Wilds.

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Williams and Thompson | Sheaff : ephemera

Williams and Thompson | Sheaff : ephemera

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Edgar Gael Photo back

Vintage Typography from the Czech Republic

Showcasing The Art Of Vintage Typography Designs