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This is a sister site to my Learnist blog. They have very similar postings but you will find enough different content to make your visit worthwhile. There are features that I like better on each site, so you be the judge.

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Social media has emerged as the platform of choice for sharing content—76% of marketers said they used a social network as the main channel for content distribution. But it’s not enough to simply share content. Curation must be performed on a regular basis, and with quality content, in order to interest consumers and keep them engaged.

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Le Community Manager - Infographie Vous êtes Dirigeant de TPE-PME et vous aimeriez développer la Communication Digitale de votre entreprise ? Découvrez en image le rôle du Community Manager, ses qualités, ses compétences, ses missions et les avantages clients d'une bonne Stratégie de Communication.

Definition of Content Curation Is this definition still accurate? This diagram is based the Curator's Manifesto as published by Robin Good in 1/2010 -

Content Curation - Anatomy