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Para a infância tintas e cores vibram!!

5 Year Old Prodigy Aelita Andre: A Secret Universe/ a solo exhibition 2012 I love this little girl. Check out her outfits as she paints. You can tell she loves to paint.

Art by Brenna Giessen And I'll use these broken pieces and build something beautiful. 36 x 48 || Title: Sweet Release || paint scraps from the past year, white paint & texture #painting #art #dscolor #handsandhustle #dsart #abmlifeiscolorful #mybeautifulmess #inthestudio #abstract #doitfortheprocess #creativityfound #dspattern #dstexture #handsandhustle

Aelita Andre

Abstract Painting "Lilys Song 2" Full Demo Michael Lang - YouTube

This is one of my favorite videos! It helps my portrait painting technique more than any book I have found. Speed painting, portrait of Carol by Louis Smith

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Aelita Andre painting Paris Mountains - YouTube

Prodígio das artes, australiana de 7 anos cria incríveis telas abstratas

Aelita Andre - 7 anos

Chicago-based artist Bruce Riley fills canvases with abstract organic forms made from layer after layer of dripped paint and poured resin. While looking at images of his work online, it's difficult to grasp the depth and scale of each piece which can be penetrated by light from multip