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Steam from Ushuaia, Argentina, across the Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula on the 14-day Journey to Antarctica.

50 T+L Readers Reveal the Trips of Their Dreams

Таяние морского льда нарушает баланс парниковых газов ...

Arctic and Antarctic by Photographer David Schultz. American photographer David Schultz specializes in photographing nature.

climate change global warming

Adelie penguins drift on ice floe in the Southern Ocean off the Australian Antarctic Territory.

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This photo from South Shetland Islands, Lesser is titled 'Ice Pillars'.

Iceberg Lagoon Antarctica.

Iceberg Lagoon, Antarctica – Explore The World With Travel Nerd Nici, One Country At A Time.

Bucket List - Things to do in Antarctica: http://www.ytravelblog.com/best-antarctica-10-highlights/

The Best of Antarctica: 10 Must See Highlights

Ah, Antarctica...The one continent that it will be most difficult to get to. It WILL happen, though.

travelingcolors: Reflections (by / TrekEarth) Another one of Charlotte's Bay on the Antarctic Peninsula.

Jade Iceberg, Antarctica - Enormous hunks of ice break off from the ice shelf, creating icebergs. When one of these icebergs overturns, its jade underside is revealed. The wondrous color of this ‘marine ice’ results from organic matter dissolved in the seawater at those great depths.

Marine ice - Jade and striped icebergs form when seawater freezes to the underside of massive ice shelves. When chunks of ice break off from the ice shelf and overturn, the jade underside is revealed.

Adelie-Pinguin, Tauchen, Antarktis-Halbinsel, Antarktisch

All Canada Photos Online) - Adelie-Pinguin, Tauchen, Antarktis-Halbinsel, Antarktisch - Photo Print

Penguin, Landscapes, Nature, Scenery, Animals, Paisajes, Penguins

Polar bear

Polar bear

Columned Glacial Bridge, Antarctica

Columned Glacial Iceberg Bridge, Antarctica photo from freshpics - nature is endlessly beautiful and amazing Breath taking


An emperor penguin is framed by a hole in an iceberg at Snow Hill Island rookery, off the east coast of the Antarctic peninsula by Sue Flood, one of the world’s only women to specialise in polar photography.

Ice Blue

A huge slab of glacier ice breaking away & about to crash into the ocean. Antarctica from Nature Mother Earth Board