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grumpy cat is grumpy https://www.facebook.com/magicalplaceoninternet/photos/a.774341029287988.1073741828.774016329320458/856032031118887/?type=1&theater funny lol wtf humor meme happy

Every time you share Grumpy Cat Tard, a Justin Bieber fan dies.

I would just deadpan stare at him and be like, "You HONESTLY think I will call you for this job now? Hahahaha go home."

Karma scores one!

So true. If you want to solve a crime install better cameras!

If you want to solve a crime install better cameras!

Pi Cake

This a Pi or a cake. It' s cake Hut it' spi. But it' s CAKE,. It's a sine of the end This a Pi or cake Huh? It' s Hut it' spi But CAKE It's sine of the end

Tennis Is Hard

Tennis Is Hard

I hate tennis

grumpy Grumpy cat!!

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Grumpy Cat Has The Worst Day At Disneyland Ever - BuzzFeed

Grumpy Cat Has The Worst Day At Disneyland Ever

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just another unrealistic body expectation for women Puns 🎅🏼🎄 (

Hate you

grumpy cat hates belly rubs - Dump A Day

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In my head it's simply that when you push the button, the goat screams, and it's just the zoo people trolling you.

How do you get a opposite of a kiss?

i don't have a crush so top 1 won't work<< lol my crush most certainly ain't gonna kiss me😂

I took my cat to the movies today. I just slipped him into my purse and went in, sat down and when they turned off the lights just took him out and put him on my lap. No one noticed. Best time ever!

Note to everyone - cats make better movie dates than boyfriends/husbands.

I'm not much of a TMNT fan, but I want to be protected so I am pinning as many of these pins as I can <<<<<<< I, Emily of Arendelle, wrote the description

I'm posting this on Motafam so most of you guys don't pin chain posts on this board. Just remember those are fake and just want to scare you.<----well it works