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@mariaameliadoces mandou muito bem no kit do Dia dos Namorados esse ano! Uma caixinha de desejos com direito a joguinho do amor e tudo! #valentineday #diadosnamorados #chocolate #amor #love by maxcaje
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No-Knead Whole Wheat Bread

Cupcake Red Velvet (Veludo Vermelho | Tortas e bolos > Cupcakes | Receitas Gshow
Vintage-look crystal heart charm bracelet. Love makes the world go round - especially when it comes in the form of an exquisite, crystal-adorned heart. Equally beautiful on the reverse, you will love to mix 'n' match this bracelet with your own collection! A perfect gift for Valentine's Day or any day. The bracelet is a breeze to put on and to take off thanks to its expandable wire which pops right into place once it's on your wrist.Expandable, One Size fits most

Symbology Bracelet, Scroll Heart, Brass

I’m not the most romantic person in the world, and even as a married woman, the label “soul mates” still makes me queasy sometimes. What I do believe is that when it comes to love and finding a true life partner, when it’s right, you’ll just know it,

7 Daily Habits Of Soul Mates, Because They Don't Keep Score Unless They're Bowling

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