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22 most soul crushing things about working retail...surprisingly accurate

Michael Scott é o Melhor Chefe do Mundo #halloween #diadasbruxas #frases

customer Doesn't beleive that you don't have an item in the store. Asks every single employee in the store for the same item. | Retail Robin

The difference in Kevin and I's reaction to Christmas!

The Walking Dead - Black Friday. Me this year as the loner on the wrong side of the gate working at joanns

Annnnd I'm being yelled at. Yup! This is an every day, multiple times during one shift, kind of occurrence.

Working with the general public will slowly crush your soul and squeeze the personality right out of you… Welcome Aboard!

"Managers be like…" (btw, I had to have emergency oral surgery once and my manager actually threatened to fire me if I didn't come in that night)

4 most satisfying words in retail... i *am* the manager | Retail Robin

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