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For the Love of Stuff - The Atlantic

It's Okay to Love Your Stuff

The Burning House Name: NYCOccupation: Filmmaker List: Skateboard Camera and lenses GoPro camera Notebook Business cards - still need to hustle Hard drive Sunglasses Multi-tool Wallet Passport Keys Laptop Headphones Mere Christianity by C.

Carryology EDC Keys Pocket Dump 1

EDC Keys: Reader-Submitted Pocket Dump Photos - Carryology - Exploring better ways to carry

Design Heads :: Kema Subsomboon (booq)

Design Heads :: Kema Subsomboon (booq) - Carryology - Exploring better ways to carry

Everyday Carry - United Kingdom/Business Owner - My Everyday Carry

My Everyday Carry

A peek into the pockets of people worldwide, showcasing our every day essentials.

My Everyday Carry

A little overview about my classical everyday carry during office time. Some may vary depending the situation and style.

Light and Everyday

Everyday Carry - Poland/Software Engineer - Light and Everyday

Women carry too :)

Everyday Carry - Aviv, Israel/Medical Student - Women carry too :)

dig!that : Photo

dig!that : Photo