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Gift for a Rose by Kitty-Kirishima

Gift for a Rose

Gift for a Rose by Kitty-Kirishima

JannexRuby - Weiss's Nightmare by aceronline.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I believed this is my first coloured RWBY fanart What is this? This is me trying so hard to get back to the RWBY fandom.

#rwby, #ruby, #whiterose, #weiss

#rwby, #ruby, #whiterose, #weiss

A Little Date by ZirconArtem

A Little Date by ZirconArtem

Oh my god

Exactly As Planned - Death Note - Ruby Rose

Hahah :) Neo looks so done with Yang. She's like "Bitch, you thought."

the little shit knew it

End of Renora spam

End of Renora spamq←Criminal minds moment.

White Rose Comic 1 by Acefishy

Weiss loves her really And I do too.

#RWBY, #arkos, #jaune, #pyrrha, #animu

Found on

Compassion balanced with strength perfectly. Modest, kind, helpful, skilled, and beautiful. That's why she had to die perfect girls can't exist. and now Pyrrha Nikos doesn't.

I know it's not really  a meme but... Ok who ever made this, I love you. It was absolutely perfect.

They said it was spoiler free but they spoiled a lot like Mercury's disability and Blake and Adam being exes.

Jaune Arc x Ruby Rose Lancaster

snowbird, rwby---I don't ship, but I thought this was cute

snowbird, rwby--- This is just perfect XD

Dynamic duo by WayyOutThere

I don't draw Jaune or Ruby's alternate outfit much, so I hope I did okay.

Second best ship tbh * * * #rwby #jnpr #noravalkyrie #lieren

Second best ship tbh * * *

Neo is so cute when she pouts.

Neo as umaru chan

Blake is adorable

Fanartists will always find ways to make Blake cuter