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Old fashioned tiny house shop to welcome you at Strawberry. #tinyhouse #steamboat

Early morning tiny house design sketching at our favorite coffee shop.

Want to trick yourself into thinking you're always traveling? Here's the secret. Live small. Everything you need for a trip can fit in your car, ready to hit the road. A tiny house is just filled with little extra things that provide comfort and can be left behind at any given time. Makes it easier to go outside when you're not attached to the inside and it makes it easier to appreciate the inside when you can't find the comfort you need outside. #tinyhousemovement #tinyhouseofdreams

What does Blaize want in a tiny house? A room filled with tennis balls, of course! #tinyhousemovement

I am a kid in a candy shop each and every time I go to @rei, but this time they went and put a #yurt in the front of the store. So of course, I had to step inside. Tiny living doesn't have to look that different on the interior. #tinyhousemovement #tinyhouse

There's something about living tiny that changes you. Suddenly you have no excuse but to go outside and explore. #tinyhousemovement #tinyhouse #dogsofinstagram #campingwithdogs #goldenco

Creekside tiny house daydreaming #tinyhousemovement

Do you ever make up stories for the things you see? Maybe this is another story of a couple that traded their city apartment for a tiny mobile home. #tinyhousemovement #tinyhouse #westfalia #vw #vanlife #salida

Hard to believe that just a few days ago, this was my home. Staying in different tiny houses has taught me that square footage is overrated. You can make anything a home as long as it provides you with the shelter you need. And as an added bonus, share that home and experiences with people that matter. #tinyhousemovement #tinyhouse #tipi #coloradolive

Some of you haven't been able to stop by and step inside our mobile abode. But now you can, thanks to @3ritt, the eyes behind the lens. Prepare for a tiny journey. Link: #tinyhousemovement