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O Sonho de ser uma Blogueira de Sucesso se Tornará Realidade para muitas Meninas! E ainda Poderão Participar de Vários Sorteio de Blogs. Poucas vagas

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Meu look - Back to reality


“Confidence is key to success. ❤️ There is nothing you can't do. Work hard on your dreams and they will become reality!! PS! Lipstick #406 & #407 by…”

Overnight Success Seems Good on Paper or When You Say it, But in Reality it Doesn't Exist....

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Trabalho de Hércules

Toda a informação colectada poderá ser armazenada, mas deve sempre ser vertida num dossier, regularmente actualizado, que coloca toda esta informação em contexto, mas mais importante ainda, como dissemos, interpreta a mesma. Isto requer um esforço consciente, regular e disciplinado.

A goal setting system, mini-vision board and day planner to help make your goals and dreams a reality.

This might seem like an overdone question but...are you truly living the life of your dreams? Repeat this daily and see what happens “live your passion, NOW.” I find it interesting watching people do things that seem to contradict their very natures? For example, the concept of ‘working a job’ until the day you can ‘finally‘ live your dreams when you're too old to truly enjoy it. I’m not talking ‘down’ on jobs. #mediocrity #success #transformation


16 Vital Tips To Help Wealth And Success Become A Reality

Wealth And Success | I often hear people talk about how abundance is a greedy desire in life considering a lot of people are not living a life of abundance. But, I have a different view of it. Having all the wealth you desire is actually a good thing for

Introvert Doesn't Mean You're Not An Entrepreneur- Do you struggle to meet new people and grow your network? Read how this introvert has made a passive income and how she has helped other introverts turn their passion a reality.


3 Ways to Overcome Overwhelm in Business + My Personal Story

Overwhelm is one of the biggest reasons business owners hold back and keep themselves small. In reality, avoiding overwhelm in business is impossible, but there ARE ways to consistently OVERCOME it. Here's 3 practical tips to BEAT OVERWHELM (with a handy FREE WORKSHEET to get you started immediately). Read now and start taking action today >>