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Okay I, too, succumbed to The filter™ But damn look at those freckles I'd love to have some

Futuro cabelo. Curto com permanente.

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A standard misconception is that all non-binary individuals are androgynous, but this isn't true. A contradiction always shows what's impossible.

The king of the sea, @spectredeflector from tumblr, in #EnchantedForest.

The king of the sea, @spectredeflector from tumblr, in #EnchantedForest.

I'm really sad that I don't have a phone that I can edit my pictures on ,,,rip  -  I've been so emotional all day.. my heart hurts and it suuucks.. but, on a more positive note- I had a job interview at O'Charley's the other day and the lady realllly likes me and wants me to work there hhhh ; v; I'll have to change my hair to a natural color and /possibly/ lose my lip rings (that just depends if I can get away with wearing clear ones or not) which sucks.. but it's a sacrifice I'm willing…

[FC: Cazfhey] "Hi. I am Casper. I am demon that can shift its form. I mostly morph my face. I am very submissive when it comes to partners. Want to be fuck buddies?

@crypwolf insta

they're friggen goals ☆☆☆☆☆ I really like their hair ^-^ And the flower crown ~pupper dragon cal