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Green potion drink at a Minecraft boy birthday party!  See more party ideas at CatchMyParty.com!

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

Photo 8 of 25: Minecraft Birthday Party / Birthday "Minecraft Birthday Party"

Minecraft Birthday Party Birthday Party Ideas

Food at a Minecraft Party The diamonds and emeralds are crush rock candy and the red stone is a mix of hot tamales and red hots.

Minecraft cake and cute ideas! I thought this was right up your alley

Minecraft Cake Block "- probably the easiest, and it looks like what the cake looks like in the game!" I have no clue about this whatsoever but i play the game and it is afterall my birthday once a year. might come in handy

La ultima torta!!!!

12 Amazing Minecraft Birthday Cakes

12 amazing Minecraft birthday cakes, perfect for a boy birthday! My brother loves minecraft so this will be cool!

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 1 of 7

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

Minecraft PC Game party | CatchMyParty.com creeper drinks

Minecraft Birthday Party Birthday Party Ideas

A Minecraft Birthday Party

I'm back with pictures from The Kid's birthday party. As the post title suggests, he requested a Minecraft party this year.

Minecraft party ideas, activities, and printables for my son's epic party that was prepared in just one day -- includes ALL the printables we used!

An Epic Minecraft Birthday Party (with Games and Printables