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Máquina Tipografica de Gutenberg. Teve um papel fundamental no desenvolvimento da Renascença, Reforma e na Revolução Científica e lançou as bases para a economia moderna baseada no conhecimento. A tecnolgia de Gutenberg espalhou-se rapidamente por toda a Europa e mais tarde por todo o mundo.

8a. This was the Gutenberg printing press and was the first printer used to complete a whole bible.

Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre (1787 – 1851)

Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre

anaïs nin working a letterpress machine in 1942. #letterpress #printing #anaïsnin

This 1870s lithograph from an unidentified gazetteer for the state of Pennsylvania shows the interior of the printing office of "The Review and Examiner" newspaper, published in Washington, Pennsylvania, just south of Pittsburgh. The men in aprons and dapper hats run the presses, fold pages, and move trays of type in the tidy (and unbelievably clean) press room.

Block printing, whereby individual sheets of paper were pressed into wooden blocks with the text and illustrations carved into them, was first recorded in Chinese history, and was in use in East Asia long before Gutenberg. By the 12th and 13th centuries, many Chinese libraries contained tens of thousands of printed books. Chinese and Koreans knew about moveable metal type at the time, but because of the complexity of the movable type printing it was not as widely used as in Renaissance…

Masaccio, Pagamento del tributo, 1425, affresco, 255×598cm. 3 cenas em uma só, retira os gestos das estatuas clássicas para uma cena bíblica.

Fascinating facts about printing presses and thus publishing.

“With each book of Chairmaker's Notebook there are 26 signatures that all need holes punched for sewing. Since I do not have a Timothy Moore punching jig,…”

Johannes Gutenberg. (c. 1398 – 3 de febrero de 1468) fue un orfebre alemán, inventor de la imprenta de tipos móviles moderna (hacia 1450). Su mejor trabajo fue la Biblia de 42 líneas.