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Biblioteca Expansão da Consciência -PDF gratuitos – cienciaespiritualidadeblog

Biblioteca Expansão da Consciência -PDF gratuitos

NEW VIDEO - BANNED FROM THE BIBLE - http://outofbodytravel.org/bannedfromthebible.html

Banned From The Bible - The Stories That Were Deleted From Biblical History

mortisia:  Library of Alexandria [x] The Royal Library of Alexandria, or Ancient Library of Alexandria, in Alexandria, Egypt, was one of the largest and most significant libraries of the ancient world. It flourished under the patronage of the Ptolemaic dynasty and functioned as a major center of scholarship from its construction in the 3rd century BC until the Roman conquest of Egypt in 30 BC. With collections of works, lecture halls, meeting rooms, and gardens, the library was part of a…

mortisia: Library of Alexandria [x] The Royal...

ruins of the library in Ephesus, the rivaled the Egyptian library of Alexandria.  The apostle Paul preached in this city.  © Doug Nelson

PAUL'S JOURNEY - Ephesus, Turkey - Ruins of the library in Ephesus. The Apostle Paul preached in this city.

Anunnaki Message Published 1958: “We are already here. always been...watching." - YouTube

Anunnaki Message Published In UFO Magazine in “We are already here, among you. Some of us have always been here, with you, yet apart from, watching .

739005-os-predios-mais-estranhos-da-terra-7.jpg (560×420)

739005-os-predios-mais-estranhos-da-terra-7.jpg (560×420)