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So you want to be a Barbarian. So You Want to Be a Barbarian The Guide to Anger Management All righty, we are on to the second class now. One of my top five fav sketchyz classes Barbarians

Inspiration for "Demonborne" class, to oppose the "Paladin" class. Work originally had title: NEW MAN by grandialee - Shengyuan Lee - CGHUB

Daughter of Lucifer. She has the ability to control any avion creature and any Demon. She can control any Demon of any rank, even Tálkrow and Takshida.


The stiletto boots are a terrible idea. Intimidating mask would be good for lowering enemy moral. Very well protected, though the armor seems a bit too form fitting to be as thick as it would need to be.

Kinda looks Undead right?

Sea demons, devil fish, always hungry for human flesh. Solcheremo the seas of the sirens! " [Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger sea] § § Barbossa Agreus from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Itris Gaeonu

Itris Gaeonu