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Creative Illustrations by Aditya Ikranegara

Kruusuk: A horned species. A race of super-intelligent, telepathic humanoids who are governed by a military dictatorship. Are in the midst of a civil war at the moment.

Africa sud etiopia

Africa - Beautiful Hamer women shop in a local market, Lower Omo Valley, South West Ethiopia

Lane Brown Art - alternate painting for Daughter of Sand and Stone by Libbie Hawker

African Princess with monkey

f Ranger w baboon steppe plains jungle Black Women Art!, Fayola warrior by ~MatesLaurentiu

'Shaka Zulu' Fondateur de l'empire zoulou

Shaka Zulu (though no picture or real life account from his peers of his life and person exists. of accounts of Shaka come from the British and Boer propaganda machine) Mais

-Margaret Bowland  Another Thorny Crown series: Gray J (2010)    This is the wound within us.

black and white - child - "Another Thorny Crown pastel and charcoal on paper - Margaret Bowland