Mairon by on @DeviantArt. Mairon when he was still the maia who served Aule the Smith mixed media, 44x28cm

The Quest of Haleth — Mairon by EKukanova, Deviant Art

Elwing the White

Elwing Elwing also known as Elwing the White was the daughter of Dior the Fair and his wife Nimloth. She was the younger sister of the Twin boys Eluréd and Elurín. She was the mother of Elrond and Elros .

Beren by ~kimberly80 He was the son of Emeldir and Barahir, a Man of the royal House of Bëor of Dorthonion. His romance with the first-born Lúthien is one of the great stories of the Elder Days.

Beren Erchamion was a Man of Middle-earth, a hero whose romance with the Elf Lúthien was one of the great stories of the Elder Days. Son of Barahir and Emeldir. He was a Man of the royal House of Bëor of Dorthonion.

Melian the Maia. In Valinor, she served Vana the Ever-Young and Este the Healer. None among her people were more skilled in singing enchanting songs than her. She later departed Valinor for Middle-Earth, married King Elu Thingol, and became Queen of Doriath. Her magic power protected the kingdom up until the death of her husband, when her spell of protection was lifted and she returned to Valinor.  Melian by kimberly80 on DeviantArt

Melian was a Maia, of the race of the Valar. She dwelt in the gardens of Lórien, and among all his people they were none more beautiful than Melian, nor more wise, nor more skilled in songs of.

Finwe by kimberly80 on DeviantArt

Finwe Finwë was the first High King of the Noldor, who led his Elven people on the journey from Middle-earth to Valinor in the blessed realm of Aman. He was a great friend of Elu Thingol, the King of Doriath.

Eol by kimberly80 on deviantART

Eöl the dark Elf Lord. Eöl was originally part of the royal house of King Elu…