Fantastic Internet safety for k-6 students although most require Flash so that knocks iPads

Online Safety & Digital Citizenship from K to 6

Online Safety & Digital Citizenship for grades Offers links to various sites that students can go to and play games that teach about Internet safety.

Show students the parallels between traditional citizenship and digital citizenship with this infographic | Click the image to view further details or buy a full color poster

Infographics are great to display throughout the classroom in order to creatively organize and display information. This particular one offers Rules for Digital Citizenship," which is essential to century society. It encompasses digital literacy,

Teaching Digital Citizenship

Teaching Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Internet Safety And Cyber Security Advisory Board Run by Students - infographic

Media and Technology Resources for Educators | Common Sense Media

Teachers: Teach digital citizenship and discover the best apps, games, and websites rated for learning

2nd-5th-grade teachers! Help students learn what to do when someone uses mean or scary language on the Internet. (anti-bullying, cyberbullying, digcit week)

Common Sense Education empowers students and educators with digital citizenship tools and teaching strategies to advance learning in the digital age.

Oversharing "Think Before You Post" Great new video for HS students from CommonSense Media!

Educator Videos

Made in collaboration with our partner Flocabulary, the experts in educational hip-hop, this animated music video raps about the hazards of oversharing online

Online Safety & Digital Citizenship from K to 6 from  Shared by Matt B. Gomez

Online Safety & Digital Citizenship from K to 6

As a tech teacher, I consider the most vital part of my job is to teach students how to use technology safely and responsibly. Last year, in my new role as an Instructional Technology Teacher, I h…

Digital Citizenship: Little Red Riding Mood: Cyber Bullying

Digital Citizenship: Little Red Riding Mood: Cyber Bullying. This video is great for elementary students to understand why it is important to tell someone, such as a teacher, if they are the victim of cyberbullying.