The Flash and Kid Flash by Francis Manapul *

The Flash - Case Two: The Road to Flashpoint, Part Four (Issue)

Marvel + DC #comicart

[Amalgamation= the process in which separate organizations unite to form a larger organization or group, or an organization or group formed in this way] Marvel + DC IS THIS EVEN LEGAL? But hey "Bat-Spider" that's me if you add Lady Darth :D

It's Not Being A Hero, It's Just Doing The Right Thing.

: Time is ticking. The way to do more things per unit time is to do faster. I am looking forward to a small gallery of marvel heroes with meaningful quotes near the reception area and comic strips in the pantry area.

Reverse Flash

The New 52 version of Reverse Flash, was quite amazing. I thought it took the character and visually uplifted him in the direction he really needed, rat.