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When the Zombie apocalypse begins, I will be here.


BASH Unbreakable Sledge Hammers

When a rounders bat isn't going to do the job, something with a bit more wallop is in order. And a sledge hammer guaranteed not to lose its head is ideal when all around you are losing theirs.

Bond Arms Derringer. Which caliber do I want to shoot you with today?

Wanstalls Exclusive Chiappa Alaskan Scout 12" -- Limited Run

The Ultimate Survival Gun! X-Caliber: Folding 12GA/22LR Over/Under - Great for Hiking, Camping, BOB, and More!

More effective than a swingball... Combine with M-80 firecrackers to feed zombies an explosive meal at a distance.

It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness. But only if you're somewhere secure. I'm pretty sure zombies are drawn to light. Or that might be moths.