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Elvis Presley was very proud of his uniform. Even wore it at home on leave

35 years after his death and still one of the most beloved music icons today!!!

Elvis collage: 35 years after his death and still one of the most beloved music icons today!

Sometimes MISTAKENLY pinned as “Young Elvis Presley“ or “Elvis Presley - rare photo with his real hair color“.  Elvis was 28 when he played Jodie Tatum in "Kissin' Cousins", 1963. He's wearing a blonde wig in this photo.

Elvis Presley - elvis-presley Photo / Elvis wearing blonde wig, playing twin cousin Jody in ''Kissin



Elvis Presley.  From the Pinterest board of George Vreeland Hill.

Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii intro 'See See Rider' with black Gibson custom Dove guitar.

Elvis in a youth group photo taken with his Lauderdale Courts group, 1954 and Dorsey Burnette on the left

ELVIS PRESLEY when he was young

Elvis on the set of “Love Me Tender”, Elvis' heart was tender and good and it hurt when people brushed him off. I feel like going to him and giving encourragement and embracing him.


Elvis was Cherokee. Morning White Dove was his full blooded Cherokee great grandmother.

Elvis and Vernon Presley , picture taken the day Gladys Presley died

On August Elvis is finally granted emergency leave, flying from Fort Worth to Texas with Lamar Fike and going straight to the hospital. Elvis and Vernon going into Gladys hospital room.