ana_lee: Inslee Haynes My feet after a long day doing christmas shopping, there were so many people & I cannot tell u, how many stepped on my toes...!

Inslee Haynes illustration (There's nothing like kicking off your shoes at the end of a long day!

Fall art printFashion IllustrationShoe by RongrongIllustration

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Diva by Marco Fabiano - unbelievably sexy! Staple item...@least for me!

Posting a picture like this on the fridge might seem like good motivation for weight loss. But scientists say it might instead inspire weight gain. Something to think about as you pin pictures of skinny women for motivation.


"To have a beautiful life take a trip by yourself, rent a Vespa and take your map to see where the day leads you!" Let's say I would rent/buy a Harley Davidson rather than a Vespa but isn't it such a good Idea to take a trip like this ?

Christian Louboutin Fashion Illustration, "Devil Wears Louboutin" by anna hammer

Christian Louboutin Print "Devil Wears Louboutin"