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Disney characters re-imagined

Hercules Poirot Quotes!! Canvas Print

Painel,Detetive Belga,Cita Canvas,Como,Citações,Desenhos,Bookworm Ecstasy,Cells Hercule,Herkules Poirot


One of a pair of wine coolers, circa 1781 +

Worth It by Morloth88 on DeviantArt

Worth It by Morloth88 on DeviantArt

Paul Bunyan’s Adventures of the Frozen Flames and the Log Jam - American Folktale

Petel, Georg (1590 - 1634) - Hercules & The Nemean Lion [Ivory]

Achelous and Hercules 1947 Thomas Hart Benton Intense colors and writhing forms evoke the contest of muscle and will between Hercules and Achelous, the Greek god who ruled over the rivers. In flood season, Achelous took on the form of an angry bull, tearing new channels through the earth with his horns. Hercules defeated him by tearing off one horn, which became nature's cornucopia, or horn of plenty. Thomas Hart Benton saw the legend as a parable of his beloved Midwest. The Army Corps…

Disney has given me unrealistic expectations of *everything*.

The Heracliad: The Epic Saga of Hercules by [Bertematti, Richard]