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AE_Comrade Adopts by ShadowOfSolace on DeviantArt

List of Comrade Monsters available for adoption by members of Comrade- Similar to a hunter/pet arrangement, Comrade Monsters can be summoned to fight on their Masters behalf during combat. The majo.

Black and White My favorite photo

Dreamlike Self-Portraits of a Girl Floating, Falling, and Flying

Kylie Woon compiles multiple shots in Photoshop to make these awesome levitation photos! Dreamy Levitation Shots Made in Photoshop

"Rescuers Down Under" by John Alvin - Original production color concept art.

This gorgeous Rescuers Down Under Cody and Marahute original production color concept art style 2 by John Alvin was created for the movie campaign.

Whilst the word Circus makes us think of clowns and elephants, the other side of that world is the death defying high-wire acts of the Aerial Performers.    These amazing underwater images of performers were created by Los Angeles photographer Brett Stanley as part of a groundbreaking series of photographs showcasing various sports under the water. Brett's previous shots of Pole Dancers underwater received international attention, after going viral last year.

These Underwater Photos Of Circus Performers Will Blow Your Mind

Underwater Aerials Before we embarked on the juggernaut that is Underwater Pole Dance, we had the idea for shooting Submerged.

Cover art by Gene Mollica for Best Served Cold by Joe Abercrombie

Joe Abercrombie BA - Best Served Cold (First Law World // She had studied the sword for years, and this was the day it would pay off. By Gene Mollica

http://wattpad.com/story/17491319?utm_source=android&utm_medium=link&utm_content=share_story  for all the book worms, this is a story about Robin Hood's daughter Robynne. If you are on Wattpad tell me your name so I can check out your stories. For this who don't know what it is... it's a writing community where users post articles, stories and poems either online or on the app

'A woman with a bow and arrow is powerful, strong, capable and independent. I want to emulate these qualities and learn to shoot archery.' I think its Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider game