I walked over to my mom bent over half way and said I LIVE IN THE VALLEY and then she looked me up and down with confused look and said why? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA I'm lmao!!!

Comment what happenss! my mom stood there with a straight face and just staired at me then said, wats that.

Then I feel bad for those people who look like me!

LOL For real ! And we WILL find you ! Because we're Directioners! If we can find the boys' blood types, we can find you boys.) WE GON FIND YOU


Niall's natural born brunette hair is showing through his blonde hair. Harry's natural born blonde hair is showing through his brunette hair.

just can't lie it was the best time of my life...   http://www.961kiss.com/d/?pj in 63 days... ;)

"One Direction - Rock Me" probably one of my favorite songs from One Direction oh wait! All of their songs are my favorite!

Well if they are just wanna say I'm so proud and I hope to meet you in real life someday you guys changed my life!<3 and a bit of advice; you guys are already at the top don't let stupid people bring you down it will only hurt more when you reach the bottom. Stay strong and true to yourself cause at the end of the day it's you who made it to the top not the criticizing people at the bottom.<--- ummmm what she said

well if they are.>>> I know this is Niall not a magcon boy but still.

Hahahaha how do u trip over  a dog Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Harry imagine<< am I the only one who can acctually picture Harry doing that though?<<< he did trip over a dog.<<<<awwww Harry styles everybody XD

i would totally say that except sorry at the end so i don't make them feel bad. cause you know that's what i do.

I wish I thought of this when a kid called one direction gay