Niall imagine>>> aww so sweet I'm a Niall girl better hope to be his princess

Niall imagine>>> aww so sweet how can your forget ur one month

Then walk away with so much power

We walk away like an Irish Boss (yes, we're both Irish. Therefore we can both walk away like Irish bosses) :)

#niallimagine I shall stalk you... like usual O_o << Bahahaha! xD I laughed really hard at that =D

I could literally imagine it perfectly! Cred to whoever wrote this!

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That was good like nice work who ever made it. I could picture it. Thanks I'm still annoyed though because this doesn't help my affection for Niall one bit and it didn't rip my heart out so it was perfect

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Niall Imagine Part 1 but one this is just one of my favorite pictures of niall and the bottom picture is my dream wedding dress, its fate for us to get married