Another thing I'm jealous of: that guitar.

and here is a picture of niall horan kissing his guitar

Niall grew up to do his dream. Here come the tears. :')

Sam on

Niall grew up to do his dream. Here come the tears. :')<< there not tears my eyes are raining!

 Isn't he lovely  isn't he wonderful...

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ok so i was just rewatching niall and joshs twitcam from a couple years back, and this is what the conversation looked like Josh: Youre trying to collect a snapback in every place? Niall: Yeah I have one for every state ive been in...apart from a couple i didnt really like. Like...where are the diamondbacks from? Is that Arizona? Phoenix diamondbacks or somethin like that. Didnt really like that one. IDK IF I SHOULD LAUGH OR CRY

Niall: but baby if you say you want me to drive to KFC Liam: I love chicken

otra tour

I've realized that he wears jerseys on stage just to specifically mess with my emotions.

Stahp. Nialllllllllllllllllll STAHP IT <<< anyone else notice that girl behind him and the girl cropped out of the picture to the side?

I pinned this for the photobomber girl in the second photo XD