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Isabel I (Greenwich, 7 de setembro de 1533 – Richmond, 24 de março de 1603) foi a Rainha da Inglaterra e Irlanda de 17 de novembro de 1558 até sua morte. Ela também é conhecida como "A Rainha Virgem", "Gloriana" ou "Boa Rainha Bess", sendo a quinta e última monarca da Casa de Tudor.

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Queen Tiye (1398 - 1338 BC) Great Royal Wife of the Pharoah Amenhotep III. Mother of Akhenaten and grandmother of Tutankhamun.

A section of the Egyptian Book of the Dead written on papyrus showing the "Weighing of the Heart" in the Duat using the feather of Maat as the measure in balance.

Secret Chambers of the Great Pyramid of Khufu in Egypt

Queen Hatshepsut, herself. After her death, her name was purged in Egypt. Priests removed her body from its royal resting place, and hid it among other unnamed mummies in a bare crypt. Although her mummy was discovered in the early 1900s, it was not identified as being hers. She was only finally identified in 2006, when as one of several other mummies, she underwent cat scan and DNA testing. It was a missing tooth found in a labeled funerary casket that did the job.

Some Famous Kings Of Egypt : These names are all surrounded by cartouches. Normally, only kings, queens, and sometimes high priests had cartouches around their names. Inside a cartouche, the signs are mainly phonetic signs, spelling out the kings name, sometimes followed by a few signs describing the king.The king has two main photo to read mode!

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