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This month, persevering through discomfort and delays is what provides us with opportunities that aid in our overall healing transformation.


I: Emotional Intelligence (it’s not the next Spielberg pic, it’s better!

The ‘Perfect’ Road to Rosh Hashanah

The 'Perfect' Road to Rosh Hashanah - Monica Berg

Bnei Baruch Education Center is hosting a free, live, interactive online course introducing authentic Kabbalah.



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Capricorn is one month that abounds with adversity, yet has the potential for great blessings and rewards.

Make the necessary changes

Make the necessary changes

"La única solución está en aceptar completamente la responsabilidad de lo que nos pasa, incluso si va más allá de todo entendimiento. Un verdadero kabbalista nunca se ve a sí mismo como una víctima". #RavBerg #Kabbalah

But we must make room for its entrance into our own consciousness