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“The sound of a distant ocean covers me with surf, that tide that bears me back into the past, back to the place.People come through the whiteness, through the bright light, but all of them are ghosts.” — from the novel SINFUL FOLK

Kaffee: Gesund und lecker

Beauty-Waffe: So macht Kaffeesatz Dich schön


La Clarée: The Amazing ‘Golden Valley’ In France Becomes Hiking Heaven In Autumn

Clarée is a French Alps valley near Briançon and the Italian border. It's called the Golden Valley because when autumn comes, the trees change color and become



sorry for the lack of posts. I¡¯m having this stage when I hate every single image that I make, like, everything! I¡¯m leaving for a week to my favorite city on Earth - st. When I¡¯m back I will be working and posting again.

This is the funniest think I've ever seen.

GIFs involving kids are pretty hilarious as well. This little girls face kills me!

Economic Car

Economic Car