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Blame Twilight, True blood or what have you. but baby wolves are adorable and I wish they could be domesticated pets. this is NOT a wolf, this is a husky (or more likely malamute) pup


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White baby fennec fox

White Baby Fennec Fox, Held In A Hand. Source: I want one of these please.

le red fox fat-fat totem

Le Pig Fat-Fat Totem (Seconds)

Le Red Fox FatFat Totem Made to Order Pocket Totem by leanimale

Animals!!: Alopex lagopus (arctic fox, arctic fox).

Pure White Fox Wallpaper resolution: Available in different background sizes

Fox in the Arctic Circle

Russian Miner Spends His Breaks Taking Photos Of Foxes In The Arctic Circle

(FOX) An election is coming. Universal peace is declared and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry.


Not an arctic fox, but a marble-phase red fox (Vulpes vulpes), a color morph only found in captive bred foxes.


Hi, tiny snowman - Cute Shiba Inu looking funny when checking out a small snow man.