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LONELY WINTER FOX foxes are usually solitary animals, except during the winter when they mate & raise their young. this lonely fox hasn't found her winter mate yet.

Teagan White --- Link fox? Aw yiss

The Legend of Zelda: Mammal’s Mask Created for the Press Paws charity art show, opening at Gallery Nucleus on February All proceeds go to &ld. The Legend of Zelda: Mammal's Mask


now what would these look like as penguins? Foxes for a Wedding by Melissa Doskotz, via Behance

Racoon Teagan White

Rebecca the Raccoon and her flicker companion are on their way to join their friends Dakota the Deer and Fritz the Fox for an autumn picnic. Rebecca the Radish Raccoon

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Collecting prints by indie artists allows me to decorate my walls without sacrificing my clothing budget. My favorite prints have come from local craft sho

Style of drawing, fox

Beautiful fox drawing, I love artwork like this. Just a plain little drawing that holds as much beauty as life itself.