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Explore Taiwan 2014, Iphone 4S e muito mais!

“Taipei, Jhongjheng district, iphone 4s + pixlromatic”

“Taipei, city of concrete & mould, iphone 4s + pixlromatic”

“Taipei, 大同 district, iphone 4s + pixlromatic”

Pretty Poznan, Poland <div class="pinSocialMeta"> <a class="socialItem" href="/pin/121737996153109766/repins/"> <em class="repinIconSmall"></em> <em class="socialMetaCount repinCountSmall"> 116 </em> </a> <a class="socialItem likes" href="/pin/121737996153109766/likes/"> <em class="likeIconSmall"></em> <em class="socialMetaCount likeCountSmall"> 12 </em> </a>

“From now on, this is how you Monday.”

“New Taipei City, Jinshan district, iphone 4s + pixlromatic”

“Taipei, tea house Da'an district, iphone 4s + pixlromatic”

The Church on Spilled Blood -- St. Petersburg, Russia- photos only capture part of the grandeur! It is awe inspiring!

“Taipei, rooftop garden, iphone 4s + pixlromatic”

Qol Sharif Mosque - Russia First two things that came to mind: 1. I'd probably get Jihadded if I ever tried to go here, sadly. So beautiful. 2. The name sounds Klingon!