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Casa da Fazenda do Morumbi

O co-cooking, “cozinhar junto”, tem despontado como uma nova aliada dos times de Recursos Humanos para afinar relacionamentos e melhorar o espírito de equipe e o senso de integração e de cooperação. E que tal esse visual para aplicar essa estratégia? Nós temos uma infraestrutura completa e perfeita para o co-cooking. Venha conhecer e traga sua equipe! #CasadaFazendadoMorumbi

More of the same if Democrats don't get it together and fight the Dirty, Bigoted, Obstructionist...GOP/TEABAGS = Hardship for the 99%

Smart Health Talk Warning: GMOs for DUMMIES. With so much happening to food today it's like a DNA gold rush. Corporations scramble to claim as much plant /animal DNA for themselves that laws allow, and if laws don't work for them they turn to what worked so well in the past, propaganda. With billions of dollars they hire the best in the business at hiding their lies. Truth came out during Prop #37 in California. Find out what we uncovered and see through what they are spinning to trick us.

+The Church Cook: Jenna's Book Launch Party Recap

So-called Right to Work is wrong! Those "right-to-work" states are screwing their workers over.

The Republicans are playing a game of chicken, except they're standing on the side of the road and the American people are in the cars.

seriously? do you know what happens when you suck up your pride, stop depending on other people, and get a job?!?!?!!?

union proud #FeeltheBERN the ONLY Politian you'll find Marching with the We the People with a Picket Sign!!!

A Big Box Store Proves You Can Take Care Of Your Staff And Still Make A Profit