Blooming white spring flowers

Blooming white spring flowers

For a flower vase statement: Cut the flowers short, cut the leaves off the stems, place in a short square/round vase so that only the flowers are visible from top. Voilà!

Trtend alert - Fresh flowers and for home office decor // Interior design home office white peony flowers in vase, office desk, Lucite acrylic tray

Make your own Spring garden- would make a cute Easter centerpiece. Check out good ol' Trader Joes for loads of inexpensive pre-planted bulb pots. Via Sand and Sisal

Spring Tabletop Garden

Bring spring into your home with this simple Spring Tabletop Garden. It is a lovely, living Spring Centerpiece, perfect as an Easter Centerpiece too!

Ariel Yve Design: Friday Flowers: Spring Flowers

A selection of Spring wedding flowers that I have created over the past few years.

wildflowers (white wood Anemone nemorosa and Bluebells - hyacinthoides non-scripta), early spring woodlands, Haller Bos, Belgium

Forest Spring Flowers by Dirk Ercken (white wild flowers wood Anemone nemorosa and Bluebells, Hyacinthoides non-scripta, in early spring creating a forest flower carpet. These windflower woodlands are located in Haller bos, Belgium)