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Supermoon November 13, 2016. Hatteras, NC

July is the month of the Full Buck Moon. At this time, a buck’s antlers are in full growth mode. This Full Moon was also known as the Thunder Moon because thunderstorms are so frequent during this month.

Orange Hearts image from dylanscandybar.com

symptoms of imbalance=mood swings, overly emotional and overly sensitive to…

The Wolf andMoon | Reflection Over

25 feltűnő fénykép, amin már nem segíthet a photoshop. A valami félelmetes!

Tonight's Moon.....

Orange - Moonlight Reflections La Jolla, California - by Peter Lik La Jolla is where UCSD is :) Grant and I can get a pic like this with us in it!

A StarFish Right On The Beach #BestVacations - Mom 'N Daughter Savings

We found a starfish right on the beach at one of the BestVacation spots! We were so surprised and in awe when we saw this starfish right on the beach!

W naturze odnajdujemy sporo symetrii. Jeszcze więcej cudów natury dostrzeżesz z #filiżanką #Big-Active http://www.big-active.pl/

“Love has no culture, race, religion, boundaries. It is pure & beautiful like the moon's reflection in a quiet lake.