Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

Caricatura de Elizabeth Taylor.

Celebrity Caricature / Elizabeth Taylor / by crueniaone

Katy Perry #caricature

Katy Perry 🌻 For more great pins go to


TOONPOOL Cartoons - Bette Davis caricature by fieldtoonz, tagged bette - Category Famous People - rated /

Dolly Parton caricature | by Caricature80

Dolly Parton is a wonderful caricature.

Susan Boyle - #Caricature #FunnyFaces

Susan Boyle Hollywood and London, I suppose. She sings soooo beautifully One of my favorite voices.


Caricature of Madonna

roseanne barr caricature | Roseanne Dan | CARICATURES - ACTORS - ACTRESSES | Pinterest | Roseanne ...

Roseanne Barr And John Goodman Caricatures.

Charles, Prince of Wales - CARICATURE: http://dunway.com/

Charles, Prince of Wales -(Tin buồn Lady Diana tử nạn tại Paris-France )

Prince Harry ♥

Prince Harry ♥

Dakota Fanning (from/by: popwatch.ew.com)

Dakota Fanning (from/by: popwatch.ew.com)


Lucille Ball by creaturedesign

6ff92c8cbb3c9628da2e1bb9fb666715.jpg 222×291 pixels

6ff92c8cbb3c9628da2e1bb9fb666715.jpg 222×291 pixels

Barbara Walters  http://www.caricaturesbylisa.com/images/Optimized/BarbaraWalters.jpg

Barbara Walters is an American broadcast journalist, author, and television…

<3 Jennifer Coolidge <--- love this sexy vixen

Jennifer Coolidge <--- love this sexy vixen

Cindy Lauper-Caricature❤!  Girls just want to have fun! !!!cf. My Daddy passed in 2009 but- You was his favorite rainbow haired gal.!!!

Cyndi Lauper by Gary Garloo offbeatcomics]