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This is why he's my favorite villian! Oh only me? okay....

Disney: How to Train Your Dragon / Brave/ Rise of the Guardians/ Tangled

Ahahah Mericcup

Ahahah Mericcup

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poor jack this is the only probablem with jack and Elsa.she grows old.he doesn't unless she becomes a guardian

I ship jelsa, but the only fanfic I read is the big four. I don't like the big six because it kills my fanfic and the main reason that people even ship jelsa is because their powers.

Happy New Year!

the big four in China // tags : animation painting art arte crossover httyd brave disney dreamworks pixar

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Hiccup & Merida w/ daughter. I don't ship Hiccup and Merida but this is cute. I don't ship but this is sooooo cute!