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Nice things to remember, really. But the fights with my mom thing. My mom has NPD and our fights are colorful.

Tumblr Gets Deep (21 Pics) | Pleated-Jeans.com

I am the child of an extremely white parent. (Except extremely white parents, that is.

What if...

What if as a child we can all recognize our soul mate, but then as we age we lose that ability with social culturing and aging and growing sense of reason.

The reaction shouldn't be "not all men like that;" it should be "no woman should have to live in fear."

i swear to god, men raising their voice is the most terrifying thing in the whole world. I had neighbours that would yell at each other. I always was afraid someone would be taken out on a stretcher when they were done.

Wow! I didn't see that coming.<<<me either. Especially that last sentence. Wow.

They Scoffed At The Poor Woman Who Liked A Dress She Couldn’t Afford But Were In Utter Shock When This Happened.