i'll have this type of love again one day

blackout poem by kitkat pecson- could be a good way to transition students from prose to poetry

Blackout by Alec Essefic

the void is the ultimate mystic doorway. it allows you to disappear into non-existence against the backdrop of eternity.

The Next Big Thing: Blackout Poetry

The Next Big Thing: Blackout Poetry

Austin Kleon adds to history’s finest definitions of art in another brilliant blackout poem from his Newspaper Blackout project.

– – – Black Out Poetry: c. 2015 Source: The Saint Intervenes by Leslie Charteris

The night always suffered an over-active imagination.

@hmtolley personifies the spell that is cast upon...

personifies the spell that is cast upon.

Blackout poetry from The Catcher in the Rye

Found / Blackout Poetry - "Listen a second. Only I broke it on the way home. "Gimmie the pieces.

How do Hallmark writers get inspired? With writerly games like black-out poetry during our annual Word Week. Read on for more writing inspiration tips from Hallmark editor Mia.