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is 21p accepted when you're just that lazy? bc otherwise, I type it out (pinterest @radsicle ✧)

twenty one pilots vines / edits — just a few fave pics of my fave person.

WhO iS tOuChINg mY jIsHwA

Josh Dun Twenty One Pilots Whose pretty hand is that? How rude to be cut out of a picture with Josh!

Poor josh << I think they're joking? But still. A heathen is someone who doesn't fit societal norms. Josh may be a Christian (Tyler is too so...), which is the majority religion, but other than that he's still not like "everyone else." So Josh can still be included as a heathen. Lol.

Literally think this every time

Lmao gr8

here we see a wild brendon urie stealing other band members to dispose of the competition<<<<<Or maybe trying to bribe to join Twenty Øne Piløts

yung jersh

yung jersh