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How to host a Maryland crab boil! Learn how to throw the best summer dinner party! From recipes to decor, shop the products from the story curated by our entertaining experts. For more table setting ideas and dinner party themes go to Domino.

Chili Peppers

A beautiful ristra of colorful chilies and a recipe for Old Fashioned Colorado Green Chili from Denver Green Chili.

Bottle and Sell your Own Hot Sauce! #food #DIY #infographics

How to Bottle Sauces

Bottle and Sell your Own Hot Sauce! After all, bit of spice in your food is great for your metabolism!

Aji Charapita (Charapilla, Tettinas de Monk). 30,000 - 50,000 Scoville Units. Capsicum Chinense. From Peru, The Aji Charapita chilli is bushy plant, which produces hundreds of hot small round Tepin-like peppers. The fruit have a distinct fruity, citrus aroma. The charapita is equal to a Cayenne pepper on the Scoville scale. They mature from green to yellow. They may be similar (or the same as) Cumani, Yellow Jellybean, or Yellow Fire. Aji Charapita essentially grows wild.

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Rich and colorful wedding ideas with a palette of cocoa and chili - based on the spicy sweetness of a Mexican Mocha!

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