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Cry-Baby, John Waters, 1990

Johnny Depp as Wade Walker, Ricki Lake as Pepper Walker, Traci Lords as Wanda Woodward ,Kim McGuire as Mona Malnorowski / Hatchet-Face, Darren E. Burrows as Milton Hackett


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Susan Tyrell and Traci Lords

mydarling: “ Susan Tyrrell & Traci Lords on the set of Cry Baby ”

Cry Baby! I remember watching this waaaaay back when- loved Johnny then, still crushing' on him now! Lol

Adore this movie. Depp's character called Cry Baby for his ability to shed a single tear. A parody of teen musicals such as Grease.

cry baby- Excuse the language but it is funny when her mom says it all polite n sweet lol

cry baby-one of my favorite parts LOL We spent many, many, many weekends watching this and The Three Musketeers over and over. I could still recite the movie line for line.

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