Poppies are such an underated flower, full of crimson beauty and poignant meaning

Always think as much as you can with prayerful heart that "Everything surrounding us, the air particles, people, the birds, the trees, everything around us - they all are absorbed in Godly remembrance." ~ Rev. Kamlesh D Patel  www.daaji.org www.heartfulness.org

Flower types for my tattoo - Dahlia, gorgeous gradations of color here. Like orange & raspberry sherbert.

=◕✿ Nosso Maná Diário.◕✿=: Tudo que é necessário a uma vida agradável a Deus,...

Nemophila Baby Blue Eyes & Cal Poppy Red Chief : a winning color combination.

Ana Rosa

Beautiful flower photography Floral Still Life by GeorgiannaLane on Etsy cafe au lait dahlia